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'I am here to share the wisdom with my fellow Africans, sisters and brothers. 'I am here so that we may enlighten each other on a number of issues affecting all of us as human beings and Africans in particular,' he says. He has produced a thought provoking offering, and he has a lot to say. It is refreshing to hear from someone who is taking their responsibilities as a role model and educator as well as entertainer seriously. There are some very serious messages on here, a real education if you choose it to be, however it is presented ...Expand text.
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2Ban deserves props and respect alone for the amount of tracks they've recorded show casing their genre of music 'Roots Hip-hop' recorded from 2002 to 2004.The emcee spits some serious deep lyrics dealing with a whole load of issues that ...expand text.
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Normality is an Experience best Felt within the confides of the Mind, and here Is a Selection of Everyday Thought Process of the UnderDog, This continual Feeling Of Dejection Without Alleviation Has Ggiven Birth To My Musical Form Know As ...expand text.
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