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Houston, TX
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Studemont is an American band formed in Heights Houston, TX in 2003. For most of its career, the band has consisted of Gilbert Galvan, Cristian Saldivar, and Dan McKinney. Studemont's musical style has been considered experimental and avant-garde. They are best known for energetic live performances, postmodern musical arrangements, and inspiration taken from Houston, TX as their subject matter. Studemont has been known to fuse several elements in their music creating, including electronic, hip-hop, down-tempo, and blues. The recent additions of Adam Martinez and David Molina have given the band a tight chemistry and a fresh perspective on creativity.

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Avenue of the Observatory is the first EP released by Studemont on Esthetic Noise Records. Song 3 features the guitar playing of Mark Sound. Song 6 is a ...expand text.
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