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This is the official site of Christian Book Author C.V.Conner.Ph.D. whom took an unusual route to a writing career. A graduate of Respiratory Care from both California College for Health Sciences and The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, C.V devoted many years to the medical field. In 2001 he went on to become a Certified Software Engineer and worked under Houston's L.T.I., for Baylor College of Medicine. With a desire to help others succeed in IT, he wrote and published seven certification study guides which sold in both the US and Asia, including to two major Houston ...Expand text.
Updated May 30.
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C.V.Conner, Ph.D.
'How Your Expectancy Defeats Your Prayers was written to teach you step-by-step how toimplement powerful Biblical principles to achieve the life God intended you to achieve. Theprinciples are presented in plain, easy to follow language so you can learn them ...expand text.
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Length: pgs.
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