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Sean Poole
I Paint a lot at concerts, in my studio, and just about everywhere I can. Feeding off the energy of a good musical group is truely amazing and definitly gives a totally unique quality to the finished paintings. I've been painting for years and it is what consumes most of my free days and evenings. Anything else you want to know about me can either be asked or found out by looking into my art and reading into it whatever you want.Just please remember that what I do not only trancends time and space it also is meant to bend ...Expand text.
Lancaster, PA
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Updated 1 years ago.
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Sean Poole
I painted this during a Shooter Jennings concert at The Chameleon Club here in Lancaster, PA. It shows a little bit of a different approach than most of my live works. Probably ended up going that route due to the ...expand text.
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