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Austin, TX
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Award-winning classical guitarist Jonathan Dotson has been causing a stir in Austin's music scene. As a featured performer every Sunday for over 7 months at the hip Austin cafe The Spider House, Dotson gained a loyal following and introduced hundreds of people to classical music on an instrument largely associated with Austin's thriving blues and Tex-mex scene. His shows are unpredictable and spontaneous... Dotson has been known to burst into a Nick Drake song in the middle of a Bach suite, just because the mood allowed it, or to bring an arsenal of looping and sound-altering effects for a truly ...Expand text.
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Jon Dotson
This is a collection of live recordings, all recorded at Jessen Auditorium at the University of Texas between May 2005 and May 2007. Features works by Bach, Albeniz, Django Reinhardt, and others.
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