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MOSS has been doin' his thing for many years, his first recorded track was for a radio commercial in the 8th grade. From there MOSS has been moving forward, dropping demos ALL through high school, to rockin' live shows at clubs or wherever. He can say he's opened for some greats : ASHANTI,SNOOP,COOLIO,ICE-T , and finally HIS ALBUM HAS DROPPED!!. MOSS sends out love to all who show love, and support without all of you there is no me!!! Other artists Moss feels are; Tha Liks, Jo Jo Pellegrino, Diddy, Dre, L.L Cool.J, Outkast..'those kats are all ILL!'.. 'SUPPORT TRUE ...Expand text.
Updated 1 years ago.
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This Account Created Dec 20, 2002 4:33 pm.

MOSS's first full length album has got all styles coverd. You got HOT party tracks, PHAT club beats, SLOW jams for you and that special someone(s), along side the SMOOTHEST / CLASSIEST emcee you've heard in a long, long time!! ...expand text.
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