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Raw, funky and sick. The rap duo once again bring (cough, cough) the illest, sickest low-down uptown vibes and thumpin' beats with phat rhythms a phatter rhymes.
UD: Sep 8 2018
This oil painting depicts 6 scenes with the lovely model and dancer Katy going through her paces. In dividing the canvas into 6 parts, depicting six poses , the figure and ground take on a design element that I became ...expand text.
UD: Dec 16 2018
Original Size: 40WX30H
Original Weight: 5 lbs.
Cherry. A cute and interesting girl that I really enjoyed to drew. She's a badass with a lot of sense of fashion who loves wear originals things that represent her, in her miltary style jacket I put some Venezuela refferences, ...expand text.
UD: Mar 5
Print Size: 14.8 cm x 10.8 cm
This is just a quick taste of Nekked Bones. This is urban crunch @ it's finest. Rap, rock, funk... All together. Can you feel it???
UD: 2 years ago
Mixed medium
UD: Dec 16 2018
Original Size: 22wx15h
Original Weight: 1 lbs.
Two middle aged friends explore reality through food, drink and debauchery. This is an oil painting executed in a figurative expressionist fashion. The image speaks to my fond memory of my travels with eddie, exploring life through food and drink, ...expand text.
UD: Dec 16 2018
Embroidered patch with iron on backing. The mycelium is an important part of the mushroom. The interconnectedness of such a system reflects the interconnectedness with all things that we discover on an entheogenic experience. May ...expand text.
UD: Dec 16 2018
Sizes: 3x3 inches
Colors: Purple, Green, Black
Materials: twill, thread
Gender: Unisex
The continuing story of two middle aged men bonding through golf and happy times. This is an oil painting with a painterly application of materials and treatment of images. My intent is a gut reaction to a specific memory of ...expand text.
UD: Dec 16 2018
Original Size: 40wx30h
Original Weight: 5 lbs.
UD: Dec 14 2018
Sizes: one
Colors: Silver
Materials: stone, sterling silver wire
Gender: Unisex