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UD: 3 years ago
Original Size: 2' x 2' x 8
Original Weight: 1 lbs.
Spirit Owl is hand-painted on 100 percent pure silk, it is dye set, and hand washed. All silks are painted by Valerie D'anne Kidd at her studio in Boring, Oregon
UD: 3 years ago
Original Size: 11x55
Original Weight: 1 lbs.
We're offering Orgone Pyramids have a diverse selection from mini, tall and large most range from $35-$150.00 Depending of the materials! All made of clear resin, all types of metals, crystals, gems, quartz and all types of organic materials. We ...expand text.
UD: 3 years ago
Original Size: all types
A hemp necklace with a spiral marame design and a fiery orange, silver, and yellow glass pendant.
UD: 2 years ago
Original Size: 21in. long from end to end
Original Weight: 0.01 lbs.
Da Buddha is smiling.
UD: 3 years ago
Print Size: 11 x 14
Original Size: 16 x 20
Original Weight: 5 lbs.
kate goes through her paces effortless in her calm under tension
UD: Dec 16 2018
Original Size: 40WX30H
Original Weight: 5 lbs.
Today I bring to you an artwork a little different of what I'm used to do. When I did this, I was still without electricity due to the national blackout that happened on Venezuela (If you wanna know more of ...expand text.
UD: 4 days ago
Homemade and hand formed, clay death whistle produces different tones, can be played to sound like a barking dog too
UD: 11 days ago
A part of the Isabella obsession series
UD: 1 years ago
Acrylics on panel 8"/8"
UD: 2 years ago
Original Size: 88
Original Weight: 2 lbs.