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2002 collection: ink, watercolors, cork paper
UD: 3 years ago
Print Size: 8.5in. x 11in.
This is the first time they have been made available for sale to the public outside of Viet Nam in 2003. At the time I entitled them simple 'Unkown Objects'. They were also originally preliminary paintings for a series of ...expand text.
UD: 3 years ago
Original Size: 40cm x 55cm.
Found object with meatl , wood, brass fittings.Original sculpture. contact for price.
UD: 2 years ago
Sculpture Abstract
Original Size: 5inx6in
A reproduction of a piece that I did last fall. Just another brick in my wall.
UD: 3 years ago
My studio
UD: 3 years ago
acrylic and oil on canvas
UD: 3 years ago
This is a studio piece of mine. It's done with Oil paints on a gessoed piece of pressboard...with a secret ingredient for the texture of the background....
UD: 3 years ago
Original Size: 10x10
This piece is currently available. It is the complimentary piece to "Apostasy". Both are oil on canvas.
UD: 3 years ago
Original Size: 24 x 48 inches
oil painting on canvas stretched on wooden frame, well build well done painting, took me a month to paint!
UD: 3 years ago
Original Size: 3'x4'
This is one of my favorite pieces,born from my opssesion with photography.It is result of me playing with camera and adobe..I guess I could call 'it' self portrait as well, in this case I am the ruler or better say ...expand text.
UD: 3 years ago
Print Size: 22 by 24