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This piece is composed of oil and oil pastels. I was inspired by my love of blues music, and the isolation one can feel when dealing with the blues. It is on a gallery wrap canvas.
UD: 4 years ago
Original Size: 30 x 40 inches
This was another lucky shot. Turned out pretty amazing and totally captured the moment 300 times better than a clear still frame. Cool cat cool picture
UD: 4 years ago
Print Size: 6x8 and up
Original Size: photo
I have digital prints of this image available. They are quite lovely and the color is a bit cleaner and the detail more clear in the actual print.
UD: 4 years ago
This painting is whimsical and quiet. Makes me want to jump in. Spots are created with salt and wet paint.
UD: 4 years ago
Original Size: 2' x 3'
A little black and white acrylic painting on fabric, glued to masonite. Some say it reminds them of ocean life. What do you think?
UD: 4 years ago
I have digitally printed copies of this image. Which were printed with archival inks. They look just as amazing as any traditional dark room print.
UD: 4 years ago
She is the first piece I actually successfully drew hands in. It was my last big piece with colored pencils.
UD: 4 years ago
Print Size: 11x17
Original Size: 11x17
Acrylic, with some Oil on canvas. 2007. This piece has soft and bold colors. It also features knife and texturing. This is definitely a must see in person.
UD: 4 years ago
Original Size: 30 in.x40 in.
Found stainless parts. Welded metal and brass fasteners added. Contact for pricing. Original sculpture.
UD: 3 years ago
Sculpture Abstract
Original Size: 6inx3in
Created via software and a mouse. No live media was harmed in the creation of this drawing.
UD: 4 years ago
Original Size: 8 in X 10 in