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2004 acrylic on carved wood...vibrant colors...beautiful wood knot is the main body...fondle friendly with a hand made frame...lots of energy! This was my first piece working with the woods own knots...I used the money to move here to portland oregon!
UD: 3 years ago
2004 acrylic on carved verneer...vibrant dayglow colors...hand made frame...image depicts el paso land marks...asarco smokestacks, mt cristo rey, the franklin mountain star, and the juarez mexico mountains. All inspirational images from my childhood in El Paso
UD: 3 years ago
Acrylic Painting Folk Art Woodwork
What is it? Steal it anyway!
UD: 3 years ago
Original Size: 5 in. x 5 in.
Original Weight: 0.2 lbs.
2005. Acrylic on particle board. The painting was made one early morning of socializing. As this idea had come to me as i drove home,I couldn't sleep because this image was so engraved in my head, that i just had ...expand text.
UD: 3 years ago
Abstract Acrylic Painting Cartoonism
Original Size: 4 ft. x 3ft.
I Painted this piece during a Galactic concert at The Dragon Fly Club in Harrisburg, PA. It was a great concert dispite it being the first one I saw without The Houseman...They had a female singer instead...I don't honestly remember ...expand text.
UD: 3 years ago
Original Size: 29 x 36
I used a figure-eight pattern for this painting to give the eye a feeling of flow. The dragon scales create an interesting pattern from a distance.
UD: 3 years ago
Acrylic Painting Figurative Fantasy
Original Size: 28 in x 60 in
1994unframed, textured
UD: 3 years ago
Acrylic Painting Abstract
Original Size: 24x36inches
2006 acrylic on carved verneer...textured touchable surfaces...extra vibrant colors...fondle friendly hand made experimental frame with rustic dental mold 'steps'...big but not heavy. Its like the girl in the foreground is coming into a new world as she sheds her old ...expand text.
UD: 3 years ago
Acrylic Painting Surrealism Woodwork
Original Size: 39 x 32 1/2
2004 strawberries are fondle friendly...colorful...soulful...energetic...nipples are woods own knots...hand made frame fully painted all around...this one was hard to let go of...
UD: 3 years ago
Who started the persuasion? Who is controlling the persuasion? Only the twilight knows.
UD: 3 years ago
Acrylic Painting Animals Wildlife
Print Size: 20 x 16
Original Size: 20 x 16