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Peer out the window. Now try to look away. You can't. I know.
UD: 3 years ago
Acrylic Painting Floral Landscape
Print Size: 18 x 24
Original Size: 18 x 24
I used a figure-eight pattern for this painting to give the eye a feeling of flow. The dragon scales create an interesting pattern from a distance.
UD: 3 years ago
Acrylic Painting Figurative Fantasy
Original Size: 28 in x 60 in
This piece was created using acrylic paints. the meaning behind this painting is the dance we play between the sexes, if you look closly you can see a female figure in the forground danceing with a male figure behind her ...expand text.
UD: 3 years ago
Abstract Acrylic Painting Gothic
Print Size: 11 in x 14 in
2007. Acrylic on canvas board. not framed. This painting made it's debut at "The Erotic Show" hosted by The Mad Vizual Poetz. I chose to go with the wider porportions of this woman to signify the beauty of the full ...expand text.
UD: 3 years ago
Acrylic Painting Cartoonism Abstract
Original Size: 11 x 14
2004 acrylic on carved wood...raised panel inserted inside handmade frame...vibrant colors and fondle friendly...el paso landmarks cristo rey and asarco smokestacks. A goddess peering through the fabric of reality wanting to embrace the physical world. Inspired heavily by a ...expand text.
UD: 3 years ago
Acrylic Painting Folk Art Woodwork
Original Size: 24 1/2 x 12
acrylic on canvas. In folklore mermaids have been the allure of sailors for ages. They would often times lure these men to their deaths in the angry waters. I tried to capture the emergence of one of these ...expand text.
UD: 3 years ago
Acrylic Painting Asian Art Nouveau
Original Size: 72 in x 36 in
UD: 3 years ago
Acrylic Painting Glass Folk Art
Original Size: 3 inch
The precipice of a great decision.
UD: 3 years ago
Acrylic Painting Fantasy Otherscape
Original Size: 24 x 24
LA CHINA VS. LA FLOR...2005 small jewellery box...fully painted all around inside and out...2 knobs are sculpted dice...and 1 knob is a sculpted side la side la flor...fondle friendly and vibrant...
UD: 3 years ago
The Basics: This is mainly acrylic, but contains some spray-art and other media as well. History: Ferns is a study I did for a much larger painting called 'Chrysanthemums'. I like Ferns just as much though. I guess ...expand text.
UD: 2 years ago
Acrylic Painting Floral