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UD: 6 years ago
Original Size: 18' x 24'
2006. Oil painting on canvas. Prints available on stretched canvas as well - 1 is framed.
UD: 6 years ago
Print Size: 18in. X 24in.
Original Size: 18in. X 24in.
Another piece inspired be Japanese printmaking. I tried to use simple but very bold colors to give this painting strength. Carp are common themes for artwork in Japan.
UD: 6 years ago
Original Size: 36 in x 24 in
This is just a sample of my work as the inventory is constantly changing... check the website for more and please contact us for custom work. Thanks!
UD: 6 years ago
Scratchboard. SOLD
UD: 6 years ago
This was another lucky shot. Turned out pretty amazing and totally captured the moment 300 times better than a clear still frame. Cool cat cool picture
UD: 6 years ago
Print Size: 6x8 and up
Original Size: photo
This is a pencil drawing of a wolf in Scotland - hence the 'return of the wolf' to one of its native lands.
UD: 6 years ago