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Alley Spring Mill was done as an anniversary present for my mother- and father-in-law. This is where they went on their first date.
UD: 4 years ago
Ah, the ocean.
UD: 4 years ago
Original Size: 5 in x 5 in
Original Weight: 0.2 lbs.
architectural shot taken of an old building used as a reception hall for events such as weddings located in central texas.
UD: 4 years ago
Countryscape Photography
Print Size: 8x12
Original Size: 20x30
No comment.
UD: 4 years ago
Original Size: 20' x 12'
This digital print was taken in Berea, KY in the fall of 2005. It was taken with a Kodak Easy Share DX6490 digital camera. The most inspiring part about the image was the reflection the tree was giving. ...expand text.
UD: 4 years ago
a spring be where I grew up
UD: 4 years ago
Original Size: 3.5x4.5'