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Acrylic on canvas. Here, I was showing off the pure line and form found in nature. The image could be anything from a tree to a river with leaves floating in it. (SOLD).
UD: 5 years ago
I believe this is one of my original black and white pieces of art. It basically consists of a hard paper such as water color or canvas paper. Even though there is no color throughout, you can see the distinctive ...expand text.
UD: 5 years ago
Surreal vision of dream of becoming other. Expression of living amongst one another , paths cross, realization are had or squashed due to events beyond our grasp.
UD: 5 years ago
Original Size: 24wx48h
Original Weight: 10 lbs.
Original in watercolor
UD: 5 years ago
Original Size: 22' x 15'
This is Oils on primed messonite board.I painted it in my studio in complete darkness. It was very interesting and disorienting painting without any light source at all. I guess you could say it made me dizzy in a good ...expand text.
UD: 5 years ago
Original Size: 11x17
Three color Conte on paper, no frame. Will matt to purchaser's specification up to 24x30 inches.
UD: 5 years ago
Original Pastel on Paper, made in 2007Printes are Limited Edition up to 1000. Signed and numbered by artist. Printed on 100% cotton rag paper.
UD: 5 years ago
Print Size: 11 x 17 inches
Original Size: 690mm x 470mm
I painted this during a Soulive concert at the All Good Music Festival in West Virginia on 1/17/04.The reason I named it "Franken Soul" is because instead of just priming the masonite board like I have done 100 times over ...expand text.
UD: 5 years ago
Original Size: 24x36
Number 2 in a series of 12 hand made multiples. These images are of mixed media collage and acrilic. This series further explores my interest in however much things are the same, they are infinitely unique in their own .
UD: 5 years ago
Original Size: 22wx30h
Original Weight: 1 lbs.
In Greek mythology, Nemesis is the goddess of divine justice and vengeance. Her anger is directed toward human transgression of the natural, right order of things and of the arrogance causing it. Nemesis pursues the insolent and the wicked with ...expand text.
UD: 5 years ago
Original Size: 24' x 20'