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Framed ink and water color portrait of Poe and his Crow on fine paper
UD: Jan 3
Original Size: 19 23
Original Weight: 5 lbs.
The Basics

This is a series of ink drawings that were digitally composited and colored.


'Aspen' was the first illustration in a series I worked on last summer at Epoch. The feathers ...expand text.

UD: 1 years ago
Print Size: 11x17
2002 collection: colored pencil, oil pastels, acrylics, airbrush
UD: 1 years ago
Print Size: 8.5in. x 11in.
This weeks image is the most recently completed of my 'double' series. Prevous subjects have been Magnus and X-O, this latest features the first and second Rai. The border is X-O Commando and Tekla in her 'dreadlocks' form.
UD: 1 years ago
This piece is ink and gouache. Purchased through The Arthouse 5x7 show.
UD: 1 years ago
Original Size: 5x7inches
This Hunter S. Thompson piece was done in my studio approximately 2 years ago. It was done on an 18"x24" canvas. I used acrylics for all the color and ink for all the black line work.
UD: 1 years ago
Original Size: 18 x 24
these arrive out of a process that starts with a conceptual sketch that is mirrored then india inked and micron pen filled out for black then digitaly colorized thru something like reverse screenprinting that image is then altered to become ...expand text.
UD: 1 years ago
Print Size: 8 x 10
The Two Eventually become one, Album Cover from 2006
UD: 1 years ago
this is a scene from a short film written by a friend of mine, R J, and we might do it soon, and then this storyboard scene will be worth millions and millions and millions! buy now!
UD: 1 years ago
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