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These are two mocassin shoes turned into a mini replica of the Batmobile. The shoeswere spray painted black and the wheelswere attached. The exhaust pipe was made from a plastic straw and the rest was painted in with yellow ...expand text.
UD: 6 years ago
The image on the page is of a Sculpture made over a regular size 10 white canvvass mocassin. It was created by addingartificial turf to the front of the shoe and painting the different scenes of a golf tounament in ...expand text.
UD: 6 years ago
Original Size: 15 x 13'' x 8
These are the first two designs I made.One is called shoendals and the other is called theBionic Sneaker. These last ones showa tear on the skin of the foot revealing gears of amachine moving the foot forward. The first one ...expand text.
UD: 6 years ago
This piece is currently available. It is composed of oil with a knife. Very colorful, and full of movement, this piece is definitely a prominent addition to any location. I used an extensive amount of oils on this one. ...expand text.
UD: 6 years ago
Original Size: 50 x 60 inches
Waves original is pastel on paper. Made in 200The prints are Limited Edition of 1000, signed and numbered by the artist. Printed on 100% Cotton rag paper.
UD: 6 years ago
Print Size: 11 x 17 inches
Original Size: 690mm x 470mm
last night i waited... is a photographic erotic poem. each photo is a line from the poem. i use a combination of digital and the classic manual camera. these are the moments before and after great ...expand text.
UD: 5 years ago
Print Size: 9x10in
Original Size: 9 x 10in
UD: 6 years ago
Original Size: 20''x30''
i made this originally as a desktop for my computer, but so many people liked it i thought i'd add it on my portfolio.
UD: 6 years ago