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contemporary gown with classic qualities
UD: 4 years ago
Summer Experimental Other
Sizes: petite only
Colors: black blood red white
Materials: silk, stripes, nylon
Gender: Female
An airy wisp of a necklace, all hand made with beads, silver wire and chain, pearls, corals and mother of pearls.
UD: 4 years ago
Sizes: necklace approx 18 long
Colors: muted pinks, corals and mother of pearls
Materials: silver, mother or pearl, coral, freshwater pearls
Gender: Female
UD: 4 years ago
Sizes: M,L
Colors: Night blue on Brown
Materials: Cotton T-shirt
Gender: Unisex
UD: 4 years ago
Summer Experimental Other
Sizes: petite
Colors: brown and white
Materials: cotton
Gender: Female
this is a sleeveless top. it is in the tradition of a tube top, but longer to cover the belly and be worn as a shirt. it is held together at the top with elastic and the fabric is one ...expand text.
UD: 3 years ago
Spring Summer Experimental
Sizes: medium
Colors: antique brownbeige with subtle flower design
Materials: polyester
Gender: Female
Welded Steel buckle each one hand sanded and finished with wax. Other designs available at Parts and Labour aus,tx
UD: 4 years ago
Sizes: 2x3
Colors: steel
Materials: metal
Gender: Unisex
small bag 12' around 5' tallmedium 16' around 8' talllarge 20' around 11' tallthe bags are hand made by myself i discuvered them when i needed a bag ...expand text.
UD: 4 years ago
Sizes: small, medium, large
Colors: any color you want
Materials: cotton, other
Gender: Not_Selling