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Evil Wonder has arrived... How Far Does the Rabbit Hole Really GO Down Anyways?
UD: Dec 21 2016
Heres to the Power of the #SuperMoon...and to all those who often find themselves #LOST... We do not condone any sacraficial ceremony involving cats!!! Furry=Friendly Please make sure to like, share/repost and follow at ...expand text.
UD: Dec 15 2016
Ugly Butterfly-Soul Sarcoma-Written by Brandon Truster. 2005. First album from my first music project. The early days when I first brought that Fostex Digital recorder with 24 or so tracks home and experimented with it for the ...expand text.
UD: Dec 27 2016
Ugly Butterfly-Hippocampus-2008-Written and produced by Brandon Truster. 4th Album from my earlier project known as Ugly Butterfly. The theme concerns Memories, which the part of the brain known as the Hippocampus is known to process. I ...expand text.
UD: Dec 27 2016
Ugly Butterfly-Carrot Noises-2006. Written and recorded by Brandon Truster. This is the 3rd release from Brandon's first music project, Ugly Butterfly. A Rabbit was used as a theme as they lead us down the hole, we ...expand text.
UD: Dec 27 2016
Ugly Butterfly-There is No Such Thing as Love-2005-Written and Recorded by Brandon Truster. 2nd release from my first music project. This is more of a depressing album than the others, just because of the subject matter. What ...expand text.
UD: Dec 27 2016
This is a collection of various beats I've been working on over the last couple years. They are by no means mastered or even a final mix. I put these out there mostly to inspire and possibly collaborate with other ...expand text.
UD: Dec 28 2016
This is just a quick taste of Nekked Bones. This is urban crunch @ it's finest. Rap, rock, funk... All together. Can you feel it???
UD: Dec 27 2016
long time friend and rapper EVOLVE, who i have worked with in the past, liked the beats i was working on and gifted me some verses. most of these tracks were made in the summer of 2014.
UD: 1 years ago
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