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All songs written, arranged, and performed by All The ApparatusRosales, Chidester, McKinney, Majdali, Hansen, Edgar, Geddes, Marler, Frantz, England-Fisher, GehrmanExcept:"Let's Go Ride Bikes" written by All The Apparatus & Shem Greenwood"Portland Rose" written by All The Apparatus & Philip EgerAdditional ...expand text.
UD: 5 years ago
Anthony Cuccia - Percussion Brad Black - Trumpet Brian Nelson - Drums Chad Viator - Guitar Chris French - Bass Tim McFatter - Sax
UD: 5 years ago
Consumer Confidence Vol. 2 returns with a wide array of sounds: layered programmed and sequenced drums, walls of synths, samples, and strings, at times both a departure and yet familiar from Rusty String. This volume presents a much more cohesively ...expand text.
UD: 5 years ago

Song Titles:
Back from the Dead
The Crown
Beat you to the Punch
Evil Me
Waiting to Die
Ice Pick
I Wanna Get High
It's Over
Jet Plane to Heaven
Red, White
UD: 5 years ago
Big HouseSKA StateButtsteakJ.J.P.E.TesfayeBig MistakeCrazy HorseHot Dog BoyMr. CanoeTeenage SmokersYardworkCisco Kid
UD: 5 years ago
cars & trains debut EP 2AM is a celebration of all things minute, exploring themes of urban quietude and reflection amidst disaffection, decay, and overdevelopment. The five songs that compose 2AM are abundant with layers of lush harmonies, strong but ...expand text.
UD: 5 years ago
A surviver of the great industry asteroid that tried to destroy the true art of musical expression, Strange Powers walks heavily through the corporate wasteland, clinging with every dedicated breath to his own musical pieces despite being in the shadow ...expand text.
UD: 3 years ago
EXOTICA - A fiery intro that moves into a nice groove. SPANISH RUMBA - Traditional Rumba that will get you moving.
UD: 5 years ago
The Learning Process was released in 2004, written, performed. produced by Ubie in his home studio in Wilton Connecticut. This is a step away from the electronic-drum and bass tracks Ubie was creating between the years 2001-2003. The ...expand text.
UD: 5 years ago