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Rhyme (3:30) Freespace (3:35) Tribute to Tim (2:32) Cappucino (2:19) Beast (4:23) Rebel in the Desert (4:58) Butterfly (4:00) Chicxulub (3:31) Mr McGoo (4:27) Demented Caretaker (3:28) Cactus (4:17) Bilbobaggins (5:13) Flowerchildren (4:32)
UD: 4 years ago
8NEW Anticipated album from Armar'rae Hill & True Foundation, "BREAKTHROUGH"
UD: 4 years ago
Five free mp3 only tracks of instrumental beat heavy songs. These range from much older songs to songs that sprouted out of writing from the 2 am ep. Feel free to pass this around to anyone, rap or sing over, ...expand text.
UD: 4 years ago
UD: 4 years ago

Song Titles:
From the Abyss
No Mercy
The Crown
Sexual Abuse
Evil Me
You Are My Food
When the Terror Comes
Dark Night of the Soul
Wild Thing
St. Madness
Here Comes the Judge
Love's Butcher Shop Insane
God Bless America
Ice Pick
Hey Joe
Evil Elvis
We're All Going to Hell
UD: 4 years ago
I have been a musican/songwriter as long as I can remember. Music is my first love. I write, perform , and record all of my own material playing all musical parts and doing all vocals. I started playing for audiences ...expand text.
UD: 4 years ago
Wreckstep Breakcore. 'I was pronounced clinically dead in 1973, and it wasn't so bad I guess...' 'What is ti about our lifestyle that makes so many people end up needing Prozac?'
UD: 4 years ago
i've been making music for the last few years but have only really liked my output from the last couple of years. i use only my notebook an oxygen 8, and reason to make music currently. i make mostly techno ...expand text.
UD: 4 years ago
Big HouseSKA StateButtsteakJ.J.P.E.TesfayeBig MistakeCrazy HorseHot Dog BoyMr. CanoeTeenage SmokersYardworkCisco Kid
UD: 4 years ago