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The man himself described these nine tracks as being representative of 'a place and time, rich with joy and heartache, a slice of one period of my life,' and more than anything this is what comes through Every track is ...expand text.
UD: 4 years ago
This is an entirely self produced work, and I played all the instruments with the exception of drums and piano on a few of the songs. It's very much a labor of love, and represents work I've done since I ...expand text.
UD: 6 years ago
Recorded in Canyon Lake Texas at Beaver Works Studio. Produced by the band with Alan Beavers Randy Rogers/Jason Allen. The CD was recorded February and March 2008, will be released in late May 2008.
UD: 6 years ago
This is a sample of the music I write. This tune is called through the meadow.Album not for sale!
UD: 6 years ago