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Cannibal Holocaust 1980 is a controversial exploitation film directed by Ruggero Deodato from a screenplay by Gianfranco Clerici. Filmed in the Amazon Rainforest, the movie tells the story of four documentarians who journey deep into the jungle to film indigenous ...expand text.
UD: 6 years ago
Length: 3 min.
Producer: Grindhouse Releasing
Director: Ruggero Deodato
'Artemis' is a film about a Harvard boy who falls for a freak who shows him that there's more to life than the upper-middle-class ideal.
UD: 6 years ago
Producer: Bill Tomlinson
Director: Bill Tomlinson
The first DVD by The Rogues has arrived, and it rocks! This roguish video was recorded at McGonigel's Mucky Duck Pub in Houston, Texas. The band is rockin' on this one, with some new versions of favorite Rogues tunes. With ...expand text.
UD: 4 years ago
Length: 90 min.
Producer: The Rogues
Director: The Rogues
Short film by Director Nathan ChristoffelStanley, 40 has the mind of a child and lives on the edge of the enchanted forest in his cardboard house with his toy rabbit. Stanley's days revolve around the recordings on his cassette, only ...expand text.
UD: 6 years ago
Length: 7 min.
Producer: Christoffel Films
Director: Christoffel Films
Prepare yourself for 2 hours of life changing video. On sale now 2 full hours of Freeman and Texe Marrs discussing illuminati hand-signs and gestures.Watch Codex Magica come alive. Explore hundreds of photos of the elite in politics, banking, religion, ...expand text.
UD: 4 years ago
Length: 120 min.
Producer: Freeman
Director: Freeman
Evil has spread across the land. Martial Law: 9/11 Rise of the Police State exposes the high-tech control grid that is being set up across AmericaOut of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy, a dark empire of war and ...expand text.
UD: 6 years ago
Length: 155 min.
Producer: Alex Jones
Director: Alex Jones
cyber-flix film number 2 of 7 showing Elvi the Art God at the event AWESOME.
UD: 6 years ago
Producer: Elvi
Director: Ivle
As the CEO and founder of and known jointly as Artopium's Roving Festival Artopium Mike is currently living a 24/7 guerrilla urban camping lifestyle as way of bring the most raw and talented art, music, fashion, video and ...expand text.
UD: 6 years ago
Length: 15 min.
Producer: Artopium Mike
Director: Artopium Mike
Buy all of Freeman's DVDs at once and save! Don't miss this offer and is it may not last long. By purchasing all of Freeman's DVDs you not only save $10 but you and your friends and family will have ...expand text.
UD: 4 years ago
Length: 800 min.
Producer: Blue Fly Productions
Director: Freeman
Upon its release, the film made claims to being "The most violent film ever made". Claims were also made in promotional material that Cannibal Ferox was banned in 31 countries, though the official list of countries that have banned it ...expand text.
UD: 6 years ago
Length: 4 min.
Producer: Grindhouse Releasing
Director: Umberto Lenzi