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Rio de Janeiro
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Smile at me
By Paulo Muniz On The Album "Trying to fool destiny"

4 min
Come on, make me a fool Just smile at me and see what you can do Come on, make me a fool Just smile at me and see what you can do I cant tell whats happening to me Cause, when you smile, thats all I want to see And inside the limits of your lips, Life is better than I thought that it would be If you knew the good things that you did Like when you made me believe Im still a kid You know, Im not easily satisfied So why dont you pay attention to my bid? CHORUS You want to believe Im not your star But your eyes seek me whenever I get far And before I give you back a look You pretend Im not that good for who you are I can only say it is all right Or, on my knees, surrender to your light I dont know how much more I can stand Of this lame faade youre showing here tonight CHORUS
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