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More than you will know
By Paulo Muniz On The Album "Trying to fool destiny"
Rio de Janeiro
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I love you, my darling, more than you will knowAlthough Im a liar, more than you will knowBut not really this time, like you think you knowSo tell me that you want me, baby, more than I will knowYou must believe me, what I tell is trueI have no other lies to say to youI know the truth is something I forgetThats why Ive always lied with no regretBut, in this case, it is an absurdApologize and Ill give you my liars wordCHORUSWhatever happens, I wont tell a lieIll swear to God untill the day I dieBut my opinion is about to changeAlthough you think it might be kind of strangeTheres only one thing you should understand:I am an honest liar under your command