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portland, OR
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Splinter Remedies
By Rin Tin Tiger On The Album "Splinter Remedies"

02:01 min
256 kb/s
44.1 kHz
psycho circus owner tried to force his masterpiece into my mind wrapped my thoughts in caution tape tried to take my keys to the city away when they cut down the tree all i did was yell timber i ain't got no splinters and i don't need your splinter remedies no, not me my voice box is a blue whale scarred singing in a minor key the soulless describe me their face then point to a mirror casually don't you dare say you're better, it's gonna make you worse time got mugged and beat the fuck up you got caught with it's stolen purse now you wait in a prison cell, your pocket watch the burning hearth the home you dug out on the beach is too far to expect a visitor
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