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portland, OR
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By Rin Tin Tiger On The Album "Splinter Remedies"

02:58 min
256 kb/s
44.1 kHz
wailing bums drink taaka laying downthen dare to ask me for a dollari shred my lungs for a living in the undergroundand never pronounce disasteryou better raise your collar to the coldor else be hooded like a cobra spitting outi got a strong opinion of what my job ain'tso when they knife my mona and dip me in finger paintsi gotta drink the juniper to tranquilize the oppressive shadei know what's necessary...nothing makes sense and i can't move on with my lifein a dark room in my subconscioussnow falls silently amongst tiny beads of lightmy eyes look like my mothers in a 1:15 a.m dazehere i am dripping with confessionsbut lack conviction to clean up the messes i have madecause i waste my time trying to humor those that will hate me either wayit's a waste of time to try and humor those that will hate you either way
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