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portland, OR
Views: 10
Plays: 4
By Rin Tin Tiger On The Album "Splinter Remedies"

02:36 min
256 kb/s
44.1 kHz
i think by now i'm just loitering in your heart and i'm wondering if our love's content to starve cause the clouds are dripping down like mercury and they say soon they're cry out rain or spring a leak ah babe forgive me if my hearts shivering like aluminum though i know if i leave you with bad feelings then we'll both get some good writing done so i chase my love away or subtly evade i'm gonna chase my love away tell me sweet pistol what good does it do for you to remind me all the time you're capable of breaking hearts you made it clear by now and i know that you're pleasures muse so don't leave me in your gallery of dead lovers art how can you blame me if my hearts shivering like aluminum go on now leave me with bad feelings and we'll both get some good writing done
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