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By Rin Tin Tiger On The Album "Splinter Remedies"
portland, OR
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02:23 min
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44.1 kHz
should've never told the doctor i was a hypochondriaccause now he never does believe methough i keep on going backand the library thinks i'm criminali lost something in the darkso i think i'll cut my lossesand go get drunk in the parkbut where's my plain colored barn?all i got are old bloodstainsnothing makes no senseand nothings gonna changebetween here and mississippi there's a town called sweetsboroughwhere the water runs warm over the keys of the pianoand the rock slides in the mountainlook just like rolling goldand i never need no zincto unfreeze these frozen bonesthat's where i will know the truthin my blue barn colored plainwhere everything means nothingand nothings gonna change