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portland, OR
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By Rin Tin Tiger On The Album "Splinter Remedies"

01:59 min
256 kb/s
44.1 kHz
makeshift medical professionalhonest as the priest who's a pedophilein a cardboard confessionali swear some people they don't wanna be lovedthey just wanna get beat upi know i'm never gonna be the one that you're scared ofbut i'd hoped to love you was frightening enoughthe state systems filthyprivileged children just shake up their bedsconfetti falls on a regular basisopen your mouthtaste the arsenicbeautiful static so vapid and uselessugliness swallows and shrieks like a crowa knife comes slashing to deface this canvasi'm your corpse michelangeloi don't wanna be loved.
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