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Waterfront Blues
By Rin Tin Tiger On The Album "Splinter Remedies"
portland, OR
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i wanna smudge the moon with charcoal babyi wanna see those construction paper starsi gotta light skinned woman like a fox tail stuck to my heartif she see's that i been fishin mama makes me face the waterfrontcause i got resolve as thin as a mouse's earsand just as quick to run away and disappearif i'm feeling bluei'm gonna hurt myself if noti'm hurtin youso watch outi'll pay a very handsome ransom to retrieve that hostaged sense of myselfi need help!cause i'm tired of making you cumfrom your snow capped mountainto burn that oil drumyour oil drum lovei'm not looking for anything that's reali want sun damaged film i wanna ferris wheeli want no high tide breaking my stride just like i'm some chandeliercause i'm not...though i can be very carefree when distance makes fault lines insincere and disappearcan ya hear???