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By Rin Tin Tiger On The Album "Splinter Remedies"
portland, OR
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at every turn the machine's collectingprocess and redirectingour thoughts towards what's distractinghiding what's really happeningwe perform like a herd stillthough estranged from our neighborswe trudge our vacant distancethoughts strung up in fishnetsout of breath and gaspingbroken from the strugglingentering the dark phaseand depression is searchingfor release that needs no precautionthis empty food is so accessiblethe quick fix the cancerous vehiclespent all your money on accidentwith pin pads and plastic transactionsand the doctor seats you in a boothputs a stop watch in plain viewsays you're the healthiest he's seen all daythe whole time he looked awayhe said there's no cure just precautionso all of a sudden you're an arsonhead full of nothingbody shatter in the rainlungs snatch for oxygenwaste minimum wage on a lunch breakobsessed with communicationattention span lies terminal in the hospice losing patiencethese are the ruins of precautionsleeping like a brown mouse in a barndreaming of the owl and his arms