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I Love Yoga Pants
By Mike-A On The Album "The Great Northwest"
Portland, OR
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Yesterday my girlfriend came home she said she wants to join a yoga class.
I said that would be fine honey I'll even go out and buy those yoga mats,
But if we're going to do this thing then there's just one thing that I ask:
If you'd be so kind dear as to wear those yoga pants!

I really gotta say
that I like the way
that you wear those yoga pants.
And as you're walking away
I kind of go into a trance.
I would like to say
that I prefer the color gray
but that's just happened stance
And all I'm trying to say
Is that that is just where I'm at

And after saying something like that my girlfriend looked at me kind of funny.
I said I didn't mean anything by that I'm sorry honey.
But if there's just one thing that I could say that would be to your benefit,
There's only one girl that I know for whom this would fit!


The other day my girlfriend came home she said honey we're breaking up I said Oh really dear Jesus what the f she said I don't like the way you've been talking about my yoga pants and now that I'm leaving you what do you think about that I really gotta say as you're walking away that I like yoga pants even as you're making me cry I want to do a dance I would like to find a girlfriend out there who's got the confidence and all I'm saying is that I like yoga pants