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Tryna Get It
By Jessienumb3rs On The Album "Tryna Get It Single"
Vernonia, OR
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02:33 min
320 kb/s
48 kHz
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(Hook): I be with the squuuaaad tryna get it x2 If you got a issue with the squuuaaad come and get You won't catch me without it but you'll never catch me wit Verse 1: The struggle don't stop til you stop the struggle You ain't got a job, get off ya ass an hustle If you ain't got a plug, find yourself a bitch Cause a bitch know a rich drug deala that'll plug you Peoole get famous off of bein a asshole Fuck ya fan base what's ya cash flow Money don't make a man and man that's so True cause a man makes money where the loot? That's free game and it's huntin season Break bread or that gun is squeezin Rob the rich like robin hood But I ain't tryna say start robbin hoods x2 I'm just sayin if you been where I been and u seen what I seen then u prolly would (Hook) Rip to my boy suave I shed tears and pour drinks to this day Yall fuck boys think this a game Cats dyin erruday tryna taste some fame Embrace ya lane, make a name and if you're lucky one day you can make a change Take a bunch of drugs, how I remain this sane Donno Don't hate the player homie hate the game Me without bread? That's sumn that you won't see Hustle started slowin so I gotta jay oh bee So sick of all these cats tryna act like they know me Just for street cred you real as a fake Rollie Keep it g wherever you at. Pops finally got through my head, he told me to stack Stop spendin money on dumb shit Quit goin to functions Work ya ass off n maybe you can run shit ain't that the truth In the booth like biggie now gimme the loot Cause if you got a vision, then you got a mission so if I ain't shooting for the top then I'm pistol whippin And that's a fact, takin chances like I bootlegged acid rap Always thankin bout the future lookin passed the past I'm on a mission don't you know I got cash to grab (hook)