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Guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and champion of lost causes, Steve Arceri has been haunting the fringe of the Austin indie rock scene for a dozen years, watching from the bus window of relative obscurity as many of his peers worked hard at becoming fashionable or, failing in that, gave up to get real jobs. Meanwhile, Arceri has been doing things the same way as always, steadily producing collections of uncompromising music with little concern for palatability or commercial potential. In that sense, as well as in the social ire expressed through his lyrics, he remains true to an ethic ...Expand text.
Austin, TX
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Steve Arceri
The Entire City
sign03 CDLP April 2006
Arceri's most ambitious project to date, a year in the making. Fifteen songs recorded by Matt Smith at See Thru Sound in Austin, Texas. Features guests from Cue, ...expand text.
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