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Vivid Curve
Ronnie Lamb performs with a truly unique rhythmic pallet. Mixing colors of African, Arabic, rock and electronica, Ronnie's drumming is an expression of the organicelectronic evolution of dance. Tony Sciola, steel string wizard, captains each odyssey of improvisation with an endless repertoire of original and classic tunes using a range of stringed instruments including mandolin and various guitars: a Guild acoustic, Carver electric and A National Steel (handcrafted by Sciola when he worked for National Resophonic Guitar). Jeffrey Cooper, Self-taught in the woods of the Pacific Northwest, a dedication to the intuitive exploration of the didgeridoo sound in its modern ...Expand text.
Portland, OR
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Vivid Curve
Vivid Curve is a band that is truly like to other. In this, their first studio release, the modern-tribal didgeridoo (performed by the Urban Shaman, Jeff Cooper) is applied to every imaginable genera of music from hip-hop to rock, from ...expand text.
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