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Zaida's Color box
Hi! My name is Zaida, I'm am amateur artist searching my way into people's heart with my art. I'm from Venezuela and I'm studying at University. I mainly dedicate my art on color pencil, watercolor, and chinese ink techniques, but I'm willing to learn and do my art in every method that I have the opportunity to do. So, I hope you like what I do, and in someway, it can make you feel something good :)
Carabobo, Carabobo
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Updated Mar 21, 2019 3:15 pm.
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Zaida Grilli
Today I bring to you an artwork a little different of what I'm used to do. When I did this, I was still without electricity due to the national blackout that happened on Venezuela (If you wanna know more of ...expand text.
UD: Mar 17
Zaida Grilli
Cherry. A cute and interesting girl that I really enjoyed to drew. She's a badass with a lot of sense of fashion who loves wear originals things that represent her, in her miltary style jacket I put some Venezuela refferences, ...expand text.
UD: Mar 5
Print Size: 14.8 cm x 10.8 cm
Zaida Grilli
The symbolism of a jade stone for someone with faith in is incredibly valuable
UD: Mar 5
Zaida Grilli
A piece of mixed media on watercolor (wet method) and chinese ink, represinting a Zentangle inspired Art, where you can see platents full of patterns in a pastel colored galaxy.
UD: Mar 5
Print Size: 21.5 cm x 13.8 cm
Zaida Grilli
Let's do an excercise, and think this: If right now the country where you are living runs out electricity #128204 In one hour, all patients in intensive care would die #128204 In 15 hours, everyone would run out insuline #128204 ...expand text.
UD: Mar 21