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ACE MOB Records,LLC is a hip-hop and R&B recording label, a production company, a studio facility, and most important of all, a family consist of 5 producers, 8 rappers, 1 male r&b singer, 1 female r&b singer and 1 reggae rapper. Located in Raleigh, NC and established in 1999, founded by Part Owner, CEO, and artist NB-Holla who has been crowned one of the hottest producers in the state of NC. 'We do not make killing music, we do not make music that down grades females and we definetly do not make music bragging about accesories, what we do make ...Expand text.
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AceMob Records
UD: 5 years ago
Penny Payroll
penny payroll's album is undereway but until it comes here's a teaser
UD: 5 years ago