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Bio: Book Smoov reigns from Phoenix Arizona. He is the Owner/CEO of TrunkTight Records of AZ. This cat is Representin what PHOENIX is about, and We are BLOWING up the SPOT! I Started Trunktight Records of AZ back in 1990. I've worked with some of the most talented artist here in AZ, and as a result I have been able to sign several Rappers AND R&B artist to my Label. The members of TrunkTight Records of AZ consist of the following Members: B.C. (AKA Tiny Tim), Laron, Nitty, 2-Sicc, Chaka, Seirra and Jerome. TrunkTight Records has been making a name ...Expand text.
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Book Smoov Featuring the TrunkTight Allstars
This Compilation is available to the public. Most TTR cuts are STRICKLY Club/underground. Book Gee Has decided to take the groups sounds to different levels. There are 2 CD's out fromt TTR (Trunktight Records of AZ). This is the ...expand text.
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