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nelson king
Born and growing up in Brighton, Nelson?s first contact with musicians was when the Shadows bass player, Brian Locking came to stay. One of Nelson?s strongest memories is of Brian and a fellow musician creating music with his mother?s saucepans. Nelson began writing songs when, at 16, he joined his first band, Parsley.

The bass player he replaced, Julian Scott later went on to have a number one record ?Pop Music? with his brother Robin under the name of ?M?.

Nelson always had a great interest in recording and turned to record production.Nelson produced various singles and albums for fledgling independent ...Expand text.

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Nelson King
'Acoustic' takes in a wide spectrum of influences the most prominent are Tom Petty, Bob Dylan and Van Morrison. Nelson is an accomplished blues musician 'Acoustic' showcases Nelson at his best.

Track listing
Can It Hurt, Face The Sun, I Can Roll, ...expand text.

UD: 6 years ago
Nelson King
The fantastic new album from Nelson. This is a must for any blues fan!!!The blues is a living thing, like every living thing- it changes. Nelson brings the blues bang up to date.
UD: 6 years ago